Where to Rugby?

February 21, 2023 By Aminah Carver

Rugby, with its rich history and global following, especially in countries like New Zealand, England, South Africa, and Australia, has become a popular sport for betting enthusiasts. Whether it’s Rugby Union or Rugby League, there are plenty of opportunities and platforms for fans to place bets and enjoy the thrill of the game. Below is a guide to the best places to bet on rugby and a few tips for making the most of your wager.

1. Online Sports Betting Websites

Online platforms are the most popular destinations for sports betting, 20Bet, offering convenience and a wide variety of betting options. Here are some renowned websites:

Bet365: Known for offering a diverse range of betting options, Bet365 is among the leaders in the industry. They cover both Rugby Union and Rugby League matches from around the world.

William Hill: Established in 1934, this UK-based company offers competitive odds and a wide array of betting options, including live betting opportunities.

Betfair: Apart from traditional betting, Betfair operates a betting exchange where users can set their odds and bet against other users. It can be an engaging way to bet, especially for experienced punters.

Paddy Power: Known for its promotional offers and often humorous marketing campaigns, Paddy Power provides comprehensive coverage of rugby events.

2. Mobile Betting Apps


With the surge in smartphone usage, many of the big bookmakers have created dedicated mobile apps, allowing punters to bet on the go. Apps like the ones from Ladbrokes, Coral, and Unibet offer intuitive interfaces, live streaming, and in-play betting options.

3. High Street Bookmakers

For those who prefer the tactile experience of placing bets in person, traditional high street bookmakers remain an option. Brands like Ladbrokes, Coral, and William Hill have physical shops across many cities, especially in the UK. Here, you can watch games live, engage with other enthusiasts, and get direct cash payouts.

4. Rugby Stadiums

In some countries and during major tournaments, stadiums might have betting kiosks. These provide a unique experience as you can bet while soaking in the live atmosphere of the game.

5. Betting Exchanges


Platforms like Betfair Exchange and Smarkets enable punters to act as both the bettor and the bookmaker. Instead of betting against fixed odds set by a bookmaker, you can bet against other users. This can offer more favorable odds and allows for lay betting (betting on something not to happen).

6. Specialized Rugby Betting Websites

Some platforms cater exclusively to rugby enthusiasts. These niche sites often provide detailed statistics, expert insights, and bespoke betting options tailored to the rugby audience.

Tips for Betting on Rugby:

While choosing a place to bet is crucial, knowing how to bet effectively is equally important. Here are some tips to consider:

Research is Key: Before placing bets, thoroughly research teams, player forms, injury updates, and past match statistics. Knowledge is the bedrock of effective betting.

Understand Betting Odds: Ensure you grasp the concept of odds – they indicate both the likelihood of an event and the potential return on a bet.

Diversify Betting Types: Don’t limit yourself to match outcomes. Explore other bet types like point spreads, player performance bets, and in-play bets to maximize opportunities.

Bet Responsibly: Always set a budget and stick to it. Remember, betting should be a fun activity, not a source of stress or financial strain.